Where to start really!

Well my names Chris ( in the rather suspect picture on the right! )Chris admin at cult horror movie reviews and I top a long list of geeks that are going to be contributing to this site! I was brought up on Horror and Science Fiction and I LOVE every aspect of it!

I was lucky enough to have a father that loved to read horror novels so a new horror experience was never far off for me. Back in those days ( I’m not as old as I sound – seriously! ) we had to wait years for new horror movies to hit the shelves! So a lot of the time I was left watching old Hammer Horror productions and reading my dad’s crumpled novels.

It shaped me well though! These days I can feed my horror addiction with ease due to the wonder that is the internet! I can find out about new movies, do a quick search, find a dodgy looking film site that throws a million ads at you and watch the film!

I’m not just the admin of this site  – I also own TopFoundFootageFilms.com! I’m afraid you’re gonna have to copy and paste that address if you want to visit it as I don’t like linking sites I own for personal reasons ( sorry! ). Besides – Google doesn’t like that type of s**t!

This site has been set up to review as many horror films as we can get our hands on ( and there are quite a few out there! ). We are making a concerted effort to avoid the poor ones due to the fact we as reviewers must sit through them!

We don’t ask for much on this site! There will be offers here and there that we are affiliated with but the choice is ultimately yours. We are using an advert system on this site ( that you’ve probably noticed! ) so we apologize for that – pocket money for our efforts!

All we ask is that you get involved with this site and help it evolve – whenever you have an opinion share it! We have left comment sections on every page and post for this reason – have your say!

Anyway we hope you find some interesting new films here to watch and most importantly – ENJOY YOURSELF!


Chris ( Admin ).