Aftermath ( 2014 ) – Post Apocalyptic Horror Movies

Aftermath ( 2014 ) - Post Apocalyptic Horror Movies

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I wasn’t expecting that much from Aftermath after looking at the cast list but it turned out to be one of those ​post apocalyptic horror movies that takes you by surprise. Lets take a look at why it was so surprising…

Edward Furlong

Now I don’t want to be cruel here but the reason I did not expect much out of this film is due to the inclusion of Edward Furlong.

Please don’t jump all over me for that comment – I’m actually a fan of his!

The problem here is that Hollywood is not so much of a fan – he ends up in pretty shitty movies quite frequently.

I can still remember him alongside Arnie in the second helping of the Terminator trilogy and I thought he was great. Unfortunately since that film things have drastically gone downhill for him and they don’t look like picking up any time soon ( unfortunately! ).

The Plot

A lot of the post apocalyptic horror movies I have come across over the last decade have tried very hard to be something they are not. Aftermath managed to stay away from that due to Peter Engert’s ( the director ) simplistic view.

We do not get to see much of the barren wastelands of Earth in this story – we are stuck in an old farmhouse much like Night of The Living Dead.

Our cast is not really introduced to us at either – they are just all thrown together in a basement and we have to learn about them as the film goes on.

C. J. Thomason stars as a doctor in the film and he takes the main role. We start off with his character being stuck outside in Texas as the bombs begin to fall and we follow him through the remainder of the story.

As I mentioned above the characters of the film all end up in the basement of a farmhouse where they are attempting to hole up for at least a month to avoid radiation poisoning.

The film evolves through the situation in the basement as we see the characters go through Isolation and mistrust. Like all decent post apocalyptic horror movies we are also treated to the lingering effects of radiation poisoning.

Move Along…There Are no Zombies Here!

Even though the film was not based on zombies it took a great deal of influence from the classic zombie situations.

Being locked inside a farmhouse basement gave the film a claustrophobic feel that reminded me of a zombie movie. There are also the ‘outsiders’ trying to get into the farmhouse and these have the appearance of the undead due to their radiation sickness.

I thought Edward Furlong’s character was very similar to that of Karl Hardman’s Harry from Night of the Living Dead. He played a very dark and selfish character that took main stage throughout many scenes in the film.


But lets not kid ourselves here – there are far to many post apocalyptic horror movies out there and not all of them are worthwhile.

Thankfully the tight knit scenes in the farmhouse basement made this film much more of a worthwhile experience.

The actors were strong and the cinematography was impressive enough not to look low budget. I also thought the premise of the film was done very well – they handled the nuclear attack with good quality CGI and effects.

I’m not saying that this film is going to be the next Book of Eli – far from it in fact! There’s no getting away from the fact it was a reasonably low budget indie film that was made well.

I’ve noticed many a reviewer online deciding to slate this film but I’m afraid I cannot see where they are coming from. Even if you are not a fan of post apocalyptic horror movies this is still very watchable and enjoyable.

If you like the Sci-Fi/Horror crossover then I definitely recommend you try this out. It’s not great but it is worth watching – some will sit on the fence whilst others, like me, will enjoy the experience.

Not bad at all!

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