Coherence ( 2014 ) – Altered Reality Movie

Coherence ( 2014 ) - Altered Reality Movie

Film Link – Coherence ( 2014 )

​Last week I came across a simply laid out altered reality movie that really blew my mind! Coherence mixes basic drama with a pretty mental Sci-Fi story and the outcome is quite an experience…

IMDb Gets it Right ( For Once! )

Those of you that are more regular to this site will know that I am NOT a fan of IMDb in any way, shape or form.

I find the review process completely misleading and the reviewers themselves…dickheads! Most of their film reviews are written by people who actually worked on the film so you end up with a completely false picture painted.

But this altered reality movie seems to have broken the mold and for once the flippant idiots who review for IMDb have got it right!

Coherence is by far the best altered reality movie the last decade has produced – it really does rock! It’s cinematography and script are simply fused together to provide a cult masterpiece.

The Plot

The film is based on a handful of characters that all turn up for a gathering ( a dinner party ) to catch up with old friends. They are all pretty excited due to the fact a strange comet is passing over Earth that night.

The topics of discussion run along the typical lines of work, family, relationships – your typical pretentious American friend’s gathering. Before long the topic of the comet passing overhead enters the discussion and things become a little more interesting.

The gathering seem to center on this event for a while comparing old reports like the Tunguska incident. It’s all pretty tongue-in-cheek as some of the guests joke about the various outcomes of the comet’s presence.

These jokes don’t seem that funny for long due to the electricity being knocked out in the house. After a short initial panic the group realize that the whole area seems to have lost power.

All the guest’s cell phones seem to have been damaged and the internet is down so the group have no real idea what is going on. They decide to take a quick tour of the surrounding neighborhood to see if they can find some help and things start to get very strange…


I’m not going to delve any further into the story of Coherence as I could very well ruin it for you. It’s a pretty awesome film based around a simple idea with a great cast – movie ingredients that work every time!

About four years ago I watched a movie called The Man From Earth and I found Coherence to be much the same set up. It’s nice to see Hollywood step away from the CGI elements and simply make use of one location for the duration of the film.

Director James Ward Byrkit has kept things simple in this movie and that allows the story to progress and get more and more gripping by the minute. The characters are not just thrown together – they are well thought out individuals that all add something to the plot.


I found this on that black market app version of Netflix – Show Box. It nestled quietly in the horror/Sci-Fi section and I overlooked it for a few nights before finally taking the plunge.

Easily one of the best films of the year – period!

I’ve decided to keep this review as short as possible due to the fact I do not want to give away the important elements of the plot. All I can say is to not be put off by the first twenty minutes of the film – dinner parties are boring as f**k at the best of times so just sit through the pretentious conversations and wait for the fun to start.

This altered reality movie is unique, thoughtful, intelligent and well put together – we highly recommend watching this film!

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