Contracted ( 2013 ) – Virus Horror Movie

Virus Horror Movie

If ever there was an advert for safe sex then this film is it! Contracted was by far one of the best virus movies I’ve ever seen. It’s an indie film that was written and directed by Eric England and he’s done a great job of creating a character we actually give a s**t about.

It’s a virus horror movie that follows three days of a young lady’s life. She just so happens to be quite literally falling apart over the process of these three days.

A Bit of Both Worlds

The film does an excellent job of making the lead character ( Samantha ) interesting by including many different aspects of her life. We delve deep down into her Lesbian love life and we also look into her relationship with her mother.

All this is going on as she is steadily fading away………

One Night of Bad Choices

The plot of this virus horror movie is simple enough yet it seems very original even though many other films have tried this angle.

Samantha is not having the best time in her love life and she attends a friend’s party. This friend seems hell bent on getting Samantha as pissed as possible on spirits and beer.

One thing leads to another and Samantha decides she want’s to try a more male oriented toolbox in the back of some stranger’s car.

She wakes up the next morning a little ashamed by her antics with a man but relieved that nobody else knows about it.

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I’m not going to pull any punches here – this film has a pretty high ‘gross out’ rating and some scenes really do make you wretch a little. But that’s what horror is and that’s why we’re watching it!

This is one of the best virus movies I’ve seen due to the fact it is spread out over such a short period of time ( three days ). Things start to look iffy at once with Samantha waking up to a ton of discharge and infrequent headaches.

Rashes begin to appear and her appearance within a 24 hour period is dramatically changed.

All this is going on as she is trying to sort out her love life and fend off male stalker’s affections. Throw in a mother that seems to be a right pain in the ass and you realize the girl is having a really bad time of things!

Najarra Townsend

Samantha is played by Najarra Townsend and she does a fantastic job with this character. I found every twist and turn in this character’s life very believable due to her performance.

We have no real idea what is going on with Samantha and what she has contracted until right at the end of the film. The director Eric England realized that the whole story would be a lot more engrossing if he played his cards close to his chest.

Samantha even manages a few visits to the doctor over the three day period but her hectic lifestyle seems to stop her from doing what is needed to get better…..


This is one of the best virus movies I have come across and it works really well as an indie offering. The story is well written and well thought out and keeps you guessing right up until the end of the film.

I think a lot of Hollywood movies should take note of this virus horror movie and file it under the ‘this is how it SHOULD be done’ section.

I have seen plenty of similar movies with huge budgets get this type of thing completely wrong. It’s no coincidence that an indie movie finally got it right – Hollywood can’t handle this type of thing!

The really impressive part of this tale is the angle that Eric England takes with the lead character. The film is ‘about’ a woman and all the things that go along with this female idea.

The story shows us how difficult early adulthood can be and the stresses and strains that come along with it. It made me think and it’ll make you think to!

A low budget, good actors, simple plot and frightening execution make this indie treat well worth watching . The climax is pretty cool to!

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