Crawl or Die ( 2014 ) – Phobia of Small Spaces

Crawl or Die ( 2014 ) - Phobia of Small Spaces

If you suffer from a ​phobia of small spaces then this is one movie you should definitely stay away from. Crawl or Die is a surprising low budget Sci-Fi horror film that is set within a very claustrophobic underground tunnel system…

Switched off

I’m ashamed to say I first encountered this film about a month back and new nothing about it beforehand.

I sat down, watched the first 10 minutes and then turned it off – I was less than impressed with what I saw!

But as luck would have it I stumbled upon a  magazine review of the same film this week and it was rather positive coverage – was this the same film???

Turned out it was and it also turned out that I am a little to impatient at times for my own good!

If you decide to watch this film then wait until at least twenty minutes have passed before judging it – it’s great fun!

The Plot

The film is based around a phobia of small spaces but with an added twist – a man eating alien creature!

We have an elite security team assigned the task of protecting the last known woman who can fall pregnant. The film opens with this team desperately trying to get away from something out in the open – they end up seeking refuse in a tunnel.

But whatever’s hunting them down is no fool – it follows them into the tunnel system and an endless claustrophobic chase begins…

That’s it! 

Yeah that really is it folks – that’s the whole story! I suppose you can see why I was initially put off now right?

But that’s all the story this particular film needs – it was made so well and it was so damn intense.

I have seen a few disturbing horror films in my time but this offered me something completely new – the claustrophobic filming was so disturbing in parts I had to turn my head away from the screen!


The film is the brainchild of director Oklahoma Ward and he’s really tapped into something here. If you didn’t have a phobia of small spaces before you started watching this film you will have by the time it finishes.

I am unsure of the budget but there are rumors that it was somewhere near the $8,000 mark – this makes the movie even more impressive ( in my book! ).

This Oklahoma Ward character needs to be given more money so that we can really see what he can do – he seems to have a great vision for tension and horror.

He is helped along the way by a great performance by leading lady Nicole Alonso. She plays ‘Tank’ – a rather kick ass female solider who’s job it is to somehow get this crew through the nightmare tunnel system.

She acts well, she seems to fit the role and she is pretty damn hot to look at to!


I really don’t know how Oklahoma Ward managed to create such an atmosphere with such a low reported budget!

It’s filmed much like a Found Footage film but it’s certainly not supposed to be in that genre. It seems that the enclosed spaces give the film a feel of that filming style!

The alien is well designed and looked frighteningly realistic at all times in the film. The sound effects it gave off and the sleeking movement were very creepy and well suited to a tunnel based horror.

I never thought I would have so much fun developing a phobia of small spaces – a great horror yarn with no need to concentrate and no time to draw breath.

I watched it late at night and I suggest you do to – turn off the lights and turn up the volume on your TV.

It’s great fun!

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