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Civil War Horror Stories

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Dead Birds is one of those civil war horror stories you don’t come across to often. I can remember seeing a couple in the 80’s but not much since – it seems that time period is a ‘no go’ area for the horror genre.

So with this in mind – was Dead Birds any good?

That Damn House!

The plot of this twisted confederate movie is based in a house best left alone. A place that is so f***ed up even the dead are trapped there, doomed to relive the horror they experienced forever.

Not the type of place you want to invest in as a time share holiday option!

This house becomes the focus of the film due to a bunch of dodgy confederate soldiers ending up there hiding out.

They are not the bravest of bunches either – they are hiding out due to a cowardly bank raid they carried out and are waiting for the dust to settle.

Anyway this house is not what it seems and these rather awful soldiers are in for a bit of a bad time.

Not Caring That Much About Anything!

I recently read a review of a film where the writer had complained about not giving a damn about the characters and that ruined the film for him.

That review was stuck firmly in my head as I was watching this film and it’s what brought the whole thing down for me.

This bunch of army deserters were rats of society and they had just killed half a town ( including a young kid ) to get their money. How am I supposed to feel anything for these people when the horror starts?

If you don’t care about the characters or what happens to them then the film fails to excite or scare you in any way right?

I’m afraid this became one of those civil war horror stories the genre could have done without.

Great Cast – Poor Story

I remember the trailer of this film when it first came out and I must say it looked impressive. But we all know trailers are made to look that way – most of the time they are made up of every interesting bit in the film!

This did look a frightening film and it also looked big budget – but in reality it was neither!

The brilliant Micheal Shannon stared in this along side a string of other decent actors. I only mention Shannon due to the fact he is complete quality ( especially in Boardwalk Empire! ).

With these actors surely they should of reached higher heights? Surely they should of made us think more?

Plain Indie Flavor

This is not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination but it’s also not a good one either. I was led to believe it was a classic indie horror but I’m afraid that’s clutching at straws a little bit.

The cinematography was pretty impressive and I liked the rural areas around the house and the design of the interior of the house itself. Everything LOOKED good but there was a sort of plain and dull feeling to the story line.


If you do not frighten easy or if you are a seasoned horror addict then you will probably not think that much of this. I can see it appealing more to kids in their late teens than adult ages.

The casting was great and the acting was also top dollar. The film looked and felt great but it was just so boring – it failed to move me.

The effects were decent but not outstanding – the demons looked much like the demons in Grave Encounters.

There is much better indie horror out there but this may take your fancy. It didn’t do much for me but that’s not to say it won’t do much for you!

About average overall!!!

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