Dead Season ( 2012 ) – Top Zombie Movie?

Dead Season ( 2012 ) - Top Zombie Movie

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I don’t know about you but I’m getting pretty sick of zombie movies and the way they have infested the market over the last decade. I’m a big fan of George A. Romeo and I love his anthology but the lower end of the spectrum is starting to grind at my brain.

So I came across an independent offering called Dead Season – not really regarded as a top zombie movie but it had average reviews. Not long ago I reviewed the majestic The Battery and my interest in zombie flicks was slightly reignited…I thought I would give this one a go!

Not Bad, Not Bad at all!!!

After the disappointment of the first scene being the exact same scene and story line as every other zombie film produced I started to enjoy the film.

Yeah it was obviously shot on a really low budget and not all the actors had gone to film school – but it still worked!

The two main characters Elvis and Tweeter ( seriously that’s what they’re called! ) were cast really well. The two actors that played them ( Scott Peat and Marissa Merrill ) did a really good job throughout the film.

The filming of the actual movie was pretty impressive to for this type of low budget flick. The director had opted for some really decent shots of the surrounding zombie landscape and it gave the film a really professional feel.

The Plot

So it’s not the most original of plot ideas – but it does work due to the characters that drive the film.

Elvis and Tweeter get wind of a remote tropical island and head there with the aim of living out the rest of their lives in peace. They figure a quiet island is a much better alternative than being eaten alive ( fair enough! ).

Now this is not the first top zombie movie that has gone down this route and I’m pretty sure I’ve played an Xbox game that covers this story ( Dead Island ).

This was played out really well though – the scenes were short and meaningful and we didn’t have to dwell on each and every moment.

So we get to the island and guess what – it ain’t deserted! Not only is it full of brain munchers it’s also run by a sort of military outfit ( yes I know – not that original again! ).

After a uncomfortable introduction to this new island posse, Elvis and Tweeter are allowed to join this new community and start up a new life. But is this new community all that it seems….

Zombies Versus Characters

Every top zombie movie I have seen has one thing in common – they concentrate on the characters more than the zombies. That’s what Dead Season managed to do really well here!

A lot of the scenes and the story lines seemed very familiar but the characters took the story above all this – I actually cared about what happened to Elvis and Tweeter.

The zombies were your standard ‘moan and groan’ creatures that moved at about 2 mph for the most of the film but there is a twist with the ‘fresher’ zombies nearer the end.

There is blood and guts of course – but not as much as you would imagine. This stops the film from looking like one of those awful Horror Channel features at midnight!


So this was nowhere near the level of the classic The Battery but it was a top zombie movie for it’s budget.

The zombie make up was probably left over make up from the eighties but it did the job. The film had a serious tone and we were shown emotional consequences of the lead characters.

The look and feel of the film was great – they went for a sort of arty feel to a lot of the outdoor moments and these looked pretty darn impressive at times.

If you like zombie movies then you should definitely give this a try. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish and at no point was I put off with anything being ‘to cheap’.

A top zombie movie made with an independent budget – impressive!

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