Free Independent Horror Films

With all the sites we run in the horror movie genre we look to promote as many Independent horror films as possible. Now thanks to the magic and wonder of YouTube ( and other less desirable sites ) we can include a few lesser known indie horror treats right here! Please make the effort to ‘Like’ these films or comment on them if you enjoyed them – indie directors need all the help they can get!

The Ghost Footage ( 2011 )

I’m lucky enough to personally know the director and writer of this little gem – Jason Day-Boisvert. I am also the admin of a Found Footage Horror site that covered this indie effort as a first review! I’ve already promoted it once but I thought it was so good I just couldn’t leave it out of this section. Made on a ZERO BUDGET from his own laptop – this Found Footage Horror really is well made. Atmospheric, engrossing and typically indie – take a look and see what you think?

The Ghost Footage 2 ( 2013 )

Oh yes – all good horror films deserve a sequel don’t they? Well Jason Day-Boisvert and his film company Wolf Pyros Pictures certainly thought so! A slightly more visual film this time around with dark cloaked figures stalking our hapless Jason. Hard to tell which one is better – they differ in a lot of ways! I’d say this one was a lot more adventurous but they both have their good sides. Made with a zero budget again with volunteers acting mostly on weekends – a cracking indie horror sequel!

 The Secluded House ( 2012 )

Again I’m lucky enough to have had contact with the makers of this independent internet horror film. The boys from Freeze Frame Films have put themselves on the horror map with this frightening little masterpiece. It lives on YouTube but it is gathering pace all the time – the views are going up by the minute. This creepy effort hails from down under ( Australia ) and is really well put together. I have heard that the boys involved in this film are currently working on a Slender Man movie – can’t wait!

‘Endless’ independent short horror film

Straight after watching this fantastic horror short I contacted the maker Matt Bloom to see if he would allow us to embed it on this site. He had no problems with it and I’m over the moon that we can include it here. It’s filmed entirely in slow motion and it has an obvious ‘art feel’ to it but its SO original! It was made in Manchester ( UK ) with a budget of no more than £8o0 and it has won numerous indie film awards. Beautiful to watch with an unforgettable soundtrack – horror at it’s best! Take a bow Matt….take a bow!

Seething ( 2013 ) – Irish Found Footage

I had contact with one of the Irish lads who starred in and produced this impressive indie offering. We included it on another site we own that specifically covers Found Footage horror. I was so impressed with it I just had to share it here with you – it’s well worth an hour of your time! Made on a zero budget for free viewing on YouTube – this is a true indie diamond. If you watch it and you enjoy it please take the time to like and comment on it through YouTube. The more support these guys get the more likely they are to go down this avenue again. A creepy story which we are honored to showcase here…