It’s in The Blood ( 2014 ) – Original Creature Features

It's in The Blood ( 2014 ) - Original Creature Features

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I’ve seen a lot of ​original creature features in my time with most of them being Indie offerings. Granted a lot of these lower budget offerings are made up of poorly written archetypes and cheap CGI abominations but every now and again one really shines through.

It’s in the Blood happens to be one of the more original creature features that ticked more than a few boxes – at times I was quite impressed…

Scooter Downey And Sean Elliot

The director Scooter Downey co-wrote this film with Sean Elliot and something seems to have clicked between the two.

The film has a darkness and a delayed coming-of-age story that shines through further than the actual horror element.

They were lucky enough to convince Lance Henriksen to take up the father role in this story and he REALLY shines. In my book he’s one of the most underrated horror actors out there at the moment!

The Plot

The film focuses on a troubled young man named October ( Sean Elliot ) who is a med student with a photographic memory.

October is on his way home to meet up with his father Russel ( Lance Henriksen ) who he has not seen for a few years. He left the family home to get away due to the tragic death of his adopted sister Iris.

Russel feels the need to reconnect with October so he arranges a hunting trip of sorts into the local woodlands.

Not long after they reach the depths of a rather spooky looking forest Russel manages to break his leg in a fall. Both father and son must then work together in order to survive the elements the forest offers – but not all of these elements seem natural…

Original Creature Features

The film travels through the ‘here and now’ and a series of flashbacks. It slowly reveals the full story behind Iris’s death and the reason October ran away in the first place.

This film really is not about the horror creature – it’s more about the relationship between October and Russel. This is the element that makes it stand out further than any of the other indie offerings available.

We watch both father and son rebuild their faltering relationship with visions of creatures lingering in the mist in the background. At many points in the film I had the feeling the visions were nothing more than hallucinations brought on by grief.

There is little to no explanation on what the creatures are and why they are stalking the father and son team – this is another factor that makes the film shine! They are reserved as the background scenes for the majority of the film and this makes them even creepier.


This is a really original take on the supernatural genre and it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed for most of the duration.

I thought Henriksen was superb in his role and gave the film an extra added dimension – Sean Elliot was also impressive!

It’s quite a slow build up so don’t expect a naff Hollywood horror here – you have to think to enjoy this one so put the popcorn down. It’s strength is that it instills a genuine sense of chaos in the viewer – you don’t really have any idea what is going to happen and why!

One of the most original creature features I have seen in recent times – well worth a watch!

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