Killervision ( 2014 ) – Twisted Insane Visions

Killervision - Twisted Insane Visions

I often use the reviews on IMDb to help me choose what films I myself will review for this site. Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t! Killervision is an Australian indie horror based on twisted insane visions that are found in B horror movies.

Was it as good as the reviews on IMDb made out?


Sorry to say it wasn’t so I thought I’d write this review to make sure others did not fall for this over-hyped film!

That’s not to say it was bad – it just wasn’t that good!

Unfortunately a lot of indie producers use IMDb to draw unsuspecting viewers to their films. It’s quite simple really:

  • The producer ​submits his lame movie to IMDb
  • The producer then contacts every member of his family, friends, actors and just about anyone else that had something to do with the film
  • They all sign up with new email addresses and post reviews claiming the film deserves an Oscar.

It’s a pretty piss poor state of affairs but there’s little IMDb can do about it – it looks legit!

The Plot

​Well the story itself follows an Aussie teen as he descends into madness through twisted insane visions. The visions are a direct result of a pretty heavy car crash he experienced when his girlfriend’s brother decided to drive him under the influence of alcohol.

Before the crash he was an extremely intelligent and promising young man with his future and college position all set up. After the crash he is a shell that suffers from serious head injuries and drinks WAY to much!

So the guy pretty much feels sorry for himself 24 hours a day. He chooses to do nothing other than drink beer and watch low budget horror movies.

It’s these low budget horror flicks that give him the twisted insane visions. He begins to witness the murders of people he knows half way through each film – they sort of merge with what he is seeing on screen.

All of these murders have one thing in common – the victims are all linked to the car crash he was involved in several months earlier…

Terrible…Not Quite!

No this was not a terrible film – far from it! It just wasn’t the film that was covered on IMDb. The actors were not great but they were decent enough. The budget was not great but it was enough to make the cinematography appear impressive.

The story was alright but I’m afraid it could of been a lot better. There are two main twists in the film that I guessed almost immediately – you probably will to!

If they had put a little more effort into it they could of hidden these twists a little better and the film would of been a lot more ‘shocking’ in it’s conclusion.

Would I?

No I probably wouldn’t recommend this film to horror addicts as it didn’t tick enough boxes for me. There are some great Australian horror films out there that were produced on a similar budget.

There was a decent amount of mystery behind the twisted insane visions but this was spoiled by the glaringly obvious twists that were coming.

To make a great indie horror film you need a great indie horror story. This came close to a top story but failed at the final hurdle.

If you love horror and you have an hour and a half to waste then give this a try – you might well like it! If you like top quality horror then it’s probably best you give this a miss!

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