Last Kind Words ( 2013 ) – Kentucky Ghost Towns

Last Kind Words ( 2013 ) - Kentucky Ghost Towns

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I like the idea of using rural Kentucky ghost towns as a setting for a horror film so I picked this from an online film site. It looked pretty cool and it featured Brad Dourif so it couldn’t of been that bad…could it?

I Hate Twilight!

So I got caught out ( again! ). Rural Kentucky ghost towns SHOULD be a great setting for a horror film if used correctly.

This was a Kentucky version of Twilight with a teenage romance going on throughout the film. Sure it was a ‘ghostly’ teenage romance but man – was I bored!

The cinematography and the setting of the film was absolutely beautiful but for about an hour of the feature I was bored stiff.

Unfortunately for me I lay down on the sofa to watch it which only resulted in me slipping off to sleep every ten minutes or so. Having to continuously rewind the last five minutes of a dour film does not exactly put me in a good mood.

Kentucky Ghost Towns

The plot of Last Kind Words centers around a a boy named Eli who moves out into rural Kentucky with his family to work for a farmer named Waylon ( Brad Dourif ).

As Eli explores Waylon’s property he discovers a rather hot teenage girl named Amanda. I suppose this is a bit of a spoiler but Amanda is actually a dead girl!

Yep she’s as dead as they come but within the first two minutes of seeing her on screen even the most simple minded of individuals will figure this out – pretty lame twist ( if that’s what it’s supposed to be! ).

Anyway – it turns out the local woods are a bit magical in a rather grim way. If you get hung off a tree there your spirit is welcome to stalk the woods for eternity. This is the reason that our female lead is doomed to walk the rural area and it pretty much runs the engine room of the whole story.

So the film is basically a teenage romance between Eli and the dead bird – it’s not really a horror ( so don’t pay any attention to the director’s phantom reviews and comments on IMDb ).


I suppose I would of found something half decent in this film if I was not led down the ‘it’s a horror’ path in the first place. Unfortunately I WAS led down this path and therefore I was bitterly disappointed.

The film’s cinematography was by far the best part of it – the director got this side of things bang on! The scenery and certain shots were quite magnificent and he should be commended for this. I also thought his choice of soundtrack was an intelligent element.

The acting was a little 50/50 overall in my humble opinion. I thought Brad Dourif was excellent along with Eli’s parents but Amanda seemed a little cardboard at best. She didn’t really fit the role as a dead teenage temptress – she seemed a little to plain for that ( maybe this is what the director was going for? )

I didn’t hate this film I was just bored by it – I felt myself waiting for something ground breaking to happen and it never came.

I feel it would probably do a lot better if it was taken out of the horror genre and put in either the fantasy or thriller genre – a larger percentage of the audience would enjoy what they saw.

A reasonable attempt at an indie horror but not enough ‘guts’ for my liking – don’t expect to be swept off your feet!

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