Martyrs ( 2008 ) – Define Human Suffering

Martyrs ( 2008 ) - Define Human Suffering

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​If you are looking to define human suffering then look no further – Martyrs is a 2008 horror release that will change the way you view torture and horror for good…


For those of you that shun foreign films or simply cannot handle subtitles I feel for you. I feel for you mainly because you miss so much superb horror.

Subtitles are something that takes a little getting used to and no more – get used to them and watch this film!

Pascal Laugier has written and directed an absolute masterclass in horror here and it is not to be missed. I actually had to watch it twice in one day to make sure I had witnessed what I had!

It is in French but that takes nothing away from the experience – it is a classic indie horror that will live on for a long, long time!

Stop Right There!

If you haven’t already seen Martyrs then I feel it is my duty to stop you right where you are! It’s probably going to be a much better experience of you go into this film without any knowledge of the story beforehand – it’s that shocking!

Still with us?

Right – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The film starts off with the young Lucie ( Mylene Jampanoi ) running down a deserted street, screaming and covered in blood. She has been subjected to some awful forms of torture but has managed to escape.

She gets picked up by the law but will only speak to her friend Anna ( Morhana Alaoui ).

We are then thrown 15 years into the future where Lucie and Anna storm into a family home and shotgun the s**t out of the family. It’s the same family that apparently tortured Lucie 15 years before!!!

The two girls then find a rather pathetic individual locked in a torture chamber below this house. This particular individual has been tortured to the point of complete insanity…

Plot Twists

This is the problem I have here – if I go any further I will completely mess up the experience for you!

Let’s just say that the people ‘in charge’ of this whole regime of torture turn up and things get extreme….very, very extreme!


The film is based on the subject of human transcendence and boy does it do it in a strange and frightening way.

The best way I can describe it is that the film is centering on your ‘feelings’ all the way through. You feel so many different things throughout the last fifty minutes of the film it is like nothing else you would of experienced before.

It will make you cringe and it will make you turn away from the screen more than once.

We’re not talking about the Hostel or Saw franchise here – this form of torture and human suffering goes one hell of a lot deeper.

You will not have seen anything like this and you will not see anything like this again!


It’s been damn hard trying to get through this review without hitting any spoilers and screwing the whole thing up for you!

I hope you can get some sort of idea about what this astonishing horror film is about from this article.

The acting is fantastic and the cinematography is equally as impressive. The story is deep, dark and twisted…the brutality is disturbing.

As I mentioned above this is a must see for any fan of horror – period!

Don’t expect sparkly Twilight vampires or Saw torture porn – this is serious stuff guys!

If you’re looking to define human suffering then sit through Martyrs….

It’s astonishing!

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