Resolution – Does Man Master His Own Destiny?

Man Master His Own Destiny

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So I got to sit through Resolution last night and I have to admit – I really enjoyed it. For some reason I had been putting off watching it for a while because I was unsure whether it was in the horror genre or not! ​

You Are Master of Your Own Destiny

So does man master his own destiny? Resolution takes this idea and wraps a brilliant drama then horror film around it – very original.

For long periods of the film I was not aware I was watching a horror movie – but this didn’t seem to deter me as the story line and performances were so good. By the time the actual horror came into the story I was already hooked to the drama aspect of the film.

Indie Horror Done In The Right Way!

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed or not but a lot of mainstream horror movies tend to have a template they NEED to stick to ( for some reason! ). This template also includes an ending that everyone will understand and leave the cinema feeling satisfied with.

Well you can forget that – Resolution ain’t going to offer you anything like that! It plays a little on the ‘man master his own destiny’ theme and sort of lets you decide on certain aspects of the film.

In short – it makes you think!

The ( Excellent ) Plot

So the film starts off showing us a rather run-of-the-mill family man named Mike who is played by Peter Cilella. Everything seems pretty content and happy in his life until he notices an email sent to him containing a video and directions to a rural cabin.

In this video we are introduced to Mike’s childhood friend named Chris who is played by Vinny Curran. Now there is a BIG contrast in the two friend’s adult lives – Chris is a total drug addicted mess!

The video shows him in this rural setting firing bullets at anything that moves and screaming at nobody in particular – you get the picture ( a nutter! ).

Mike obviously takes this video as a cry for help and jumps in the car and travels to the destination sent to him where he finds Chris. After a brief reunion between the two Mike manages to stun-gun Chris and chain him to a nearby radiator. He intends to leave him chained to this radiator until he drys out.

This all seems pretty straightforward until he finds out that Chris has no knowledge of the video sent to him…so who sent it?

Creepy Media

We are sent through the midsection of the film with minor subplots and Mike continuously finding rather creepy media that has images of the pair of them. If I’m honest you really don’t know which way to turn.

The two actors Cilella and Curran are absolutely brilliant and it’s hard to take your eyes of the screen when they are interacting. I found myself laughing at large sections of the film due to the quick script lines and their delivery.

A movie will only ever be as good as it’s actors so Resolution had a great head start on all the other indie movies out there – these two rocked!

Vinny Curran was hilarious as the mixed up waste of space and Peter Cilella is brilliant as the more sensible guide to the pair. They bounce off each other well and portray very memorable characters.


This is yet again another independent horror movie that smashes Hollywood in the face with style. Mainstream horror gets nowhere near this idea and this execution.

The ending is a complete mind**** but that’s what makes these types of films immortal.  I actually had to rewind the last five minutes three times before I ‘got it’ so be prepared – you must concentrate hard!

There are numerous pointers throughout the film that will help you get you head around the conclusion so keep listening – don’t miss a trick!

There is nothing really ‘controlled’ within the story line of this film and that is so refreshing. You have no idea what direction the film is going to go and the last thirty minutes really travels at break neck speed!

So does man master his own destiny…or something else?

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