Saw ( 2004 ) – Held Hostage Movie

Saw ( 2004 ) - Held Hostage Movie

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Saw gave us an original ​held hostage movie by introducing Hollywood to the concept of torture porn. Sure I know it’s about a decade old now and many other sites have reviewed the film but it would be criminal of us to ignore this indie offering…

Considered Indie?

Yeah I know the last sentence above just threw you off but Saw is considered an indie film. Sure, the crap that followed it was not so indie but the original movie itself was!

I remember sitting down to watch it with my first wife ( yeah we all have a past! ) and being enthralled from start to finish – it was a truly original indie horror effort.

I hadn’t really encountered the concept of torture porn before and whilst it shocked me it also enthralled me. It’s just a shame that a franchise was created from this film and the s**t that followed really muddied the good name of it.

The Plot

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last ten years…

We start of with a couple of guys being chained to pipes in an old toilet – not the nicest of places to wake up!

These two unlucky dudes are Adam ( Leigh Whannell ) and Dr. Gordon ( Cary Elwes ). Lying between them on the floor in a bloody heap is a dead body with a gun in one hand and a small tape player in the other.

When the two men pat themselves down they discover they both have sealed envelopes in their pockets. Adam has a mini audio tape in his envelope ( for the tape player! ) and Dr. Gordon finds a bullet, a key and a tape within his envelope.

When Adam plays the tape he is horrified to find out that he is sitting in the toilet where he may well die. Dr. Gordon’s tape informs him that he must kill Adam by 6 pm otherwise his wife and kid will get the chop!


serial killer named Jigsaw has orchestrated this setup and he is the one now in control of these men. This held hostage movie is based on the twisted mind and motives of Jigsaw alone!

But the label ‘serial killer’ does not really apply to Jigsaw as he has a canny knack of never really killing anyone. He seems to be able to make his captives either kill each other or kill themselves.

The victims he chooses are stalked and specially chosen for their inability to see how precious their own life is. Once he has them in captivity he puts them through the most twisted trials possible to see if they are indeed worth saving.

From One Nasty Moment to Another!

As you can imagine the more the film moves along the nastier it becomes. Each task is intelligently set up so that the victims have little choice other than to complete it.

The film bounces back and forwards through a set of flashbacks slowly revealing to us why Jigsaw is doing what he is doing. It’s cleverly scripted and boasts some rather effective twists and turns.

It’s the ending that does it for most of the audience – although I’m not going to ruin it for you by telling you what it is! An intelligent twist at the end of a film can turn it from a simple indie offering into a Hollywood blockbuster.


A real nice piece of work from director and writer James Wan. Intelligent, original and shocking ( but in a good way! ).

Unfortunately now there are a shitload of sequels that follow this landmark indie horror and not one of them is worth watching really.

At the time this film was an extraordinary success but unfortunately Hollywood has thrashed every minute of money possible out of it – it’s killed it!

So if you haven’t already watched it I suggest clicking one of the links above and watching it. Once you have finished forget about it – don’t venture further down the road with the sequels ( you WILL BE disappointed! ).

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