Spiral ( 2007 ) – Simple Art Murder

Simple Art Murder

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I hadn’t heard much about director Adam Green before I encountered Spiral earlier this week. This simple art murder tale was hard to sit through at times but it had that special kind of twist that only indie horror can offer.


When I finished watching Spiral I was pretty impressed so I did a little research on this Adam Green character. It turns out this was not the first indie film in the horror genre he had released. He was also responsible for the pretty poor slasher movie Hatchet that I sat through about a year back…

I only mention Hatchet for a reason – I wanted to point out the improvement between the two. I am amazed that one guy could create two films so varied in quality.

Hatchet is what we call in Wales ‘gobshite’ – a waste of space and a waste of money! Spiral on the other hand is engrossing, intelligent and original.

This Joel Moore Guy?

In a lot of films the lead character is a chiseled pretty boy with a reasonable amount of stubble – I’m pleased to say this is not the case with Spiral. Mason, the lead character of this film, is played by Joel Moore – not exactly a Hollywood pin up!

He becomes the main focus of this simple art murder tale and he paints a pretty depressing picture. Let’s not beat around the bush here – he’s pretty much perfect for the part!

Mason is a loser with a bit of a mental state to boot! He has a lowly job answering a telephone that his one and only friend set up for him. He is constantly haunted by the fact his twisted father murdered his mother ( and who wouldn’t be! ).

Anyway, suffice to say – he ain’t right in the head!

The Simple Art Murder…

As I touched on above Mason is haunted by what had happened to his mother. To erase these memories he spends his free time painting pictures and playing classical Jazz records.

His life seems lonely and awful and this is the impression we are given right from the start of the film. His good looking best mate Berkeley tries his best to bring Mason into the ‘real world’ but has little to no success.

All of a sudden his world changes as a pretty young co worker named Amber takes an interest in him and his paintings. A reasonably awkward relationship starts to build up as the pair get closer and closer.

We get to the point where Amber insists on Mason painting her in more and more suggestive poses until a sort of love blossoms. It’s at this point that Amber begins to suspect her quiet lover is not all that he seems…

Sometimes Boring

The film makes a little bit of a mistake by letting you know there is something a little sinister about Mason early on.

After a dark and mysteries opening scene to the film it does kind of draw on a little more than it should. I get that we are building to something but surely it could of changed gears at some point in the mid section of the movie?

I was watching this after 11 at night so a couple of times I nearly nodded off during interactions between Mason and Amber – not the best sign really!

Endings Can Make a Film

Without hitting any Spoiler alerts – the ending did make up for the slight lull in the middle of the film. I love indie horror twists and they love me!

Even though the ending was a high point in the film I still felt as if the film could of been presented better. It was a good film that could of been a great film! There was something a little to slow about the build to the climax and that put me off ever watching it again.


This was a good indie film with a good quality cast of actors. The filming was spot on and the appearance was that of a much higher budget film.

As I touched on above it’s probably a ‘one time watch’ film – once you’ve sat through the ending I’m not sure you’ll want to again. The slow parts of the film were necessary but did it really have to be that slow?

Well worth a watch if you are into indie horror but not as memorable as I would of hoped.

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