The Loved Ones ( 2009 ) – Wicked Australian Horror Story

The Loved Ones ( 2009 ) - Wicked Australian Horror Story

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The great thing about the internet is that you can find ANYTHING you want to with a little research. This includes blog posts that cover largely underrated horror flicks ( thankfully! ). Now I pride myself on knowing as much about horror as possible but I somehow managed to overlook this awesome Australian horror story until a few days ago…….

Loved it! 

The Loved Ones is written and directed by Sean Byrne and man has he done a good job on it! I’m pretty stoked to have viewed this film a couple of days before we launched because now it is the first review on this site!

I loved it! It was such a surprising addition to the horror genre and very well put together. At a push I would say it was a cross between Hostel and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( with a little bit of Glee thrown in for fun! ).

Completely original and effective – one of the best Australian horror films I’ve ever seen!


Normally I try my best to stay away from torture based films as they seemed to have slid downhill since the first Hostel film.

It’s that age old problem with movies – make a great one……then start throwing out sequels. Both the Saw franchise and Hostel franchise let themselves down on this point!

But this Australian horror story takes the torture element and makes it work without really ever trying. The violence is so ‘in your face’ and ‘run of the mill’ you just except it very early on.

It is VERY well done!

The Story

This particular Australian horror story starts off like many American horror flicks but don’t let that put you off! Anything Hollywood can do – this can do better!

A pretty grunge looking student ( Xavier Samuel ) get’s approached by a social outcast ( Robin McLeavy ) and asked to go to the prom dance. He very politely declines her offer telling her that he is already taken.

Now at this point we the viewers and young man have no idea this girl is a freaking nutcase – see where the film’s going?

Yes it’s a rather obvious plot and it has been done before but this film seemed to get it right on every level!

Our young shaggy haired hero is abducted by the psycho girl’s father and subjected to a night of torture by her rather unstable family.

The Acting

I’m usually under the impression that there’s only about 50 actors in Australia as every film seems to include an Aussie I have seen in something else.

I’m pleased to report that most ( if not all ) of the actors in this Australian horror story were pretty much new to me. The girl’s messed up father ( John Brumpton ) looked vaguely familiar but that was about it!

All the actors pulled their weight and made the film truly horrific and wonderful! John Brumpton was extremely creepy as the father and his daughter ( Robin McLeavy ) stole the show – psychotic and memorable!

The only qualm I have with the acting was the initial scene when Xavier Samuel and his dad were driving down the road conversing. Xavier seemed a little awkward and the guy that played his father sort of……sucked ( sorry! ).

Thankfully this was a relatively short scene and the rest of the film rocked!

The Characters

The film seemed to do a good job of drawing in characters that had little to do with the main story line in the film. There were little sub-stories going on with the main character’s classmates and this helped the film immensely.

It all seemed to tie up well in the end with minor explanations to why each character was included in the film – very impressive!


From start to finish this Australian horror story was fresh and appealing. The characters are frightening and they are extremely well cast.

Even though the plot seems a little obvious it doesn’t really turn out that way – it’s brutal and uncontrollable in places ( which is just awesome! ).

In a lot of horror films the evil is hid away in shadows or behind a hockey mask – not with this film. Robin McLeavy completely steals the show and is one of the most memorable nut jobs you are ever likely to see on the silver screen.

If you haven’t seen this beauty yet get on the case straight away. I found it online with relative ease and watched it as soon as I heard about it. A great film to start off the review section of this site!

If you have any thoughts or opinions about this mental Australian horror story please feel free to leave them in the comment section below :)

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