The Poisoning ( 2013 ) – Psychotic Behavior Symptoms

The Poisoning ( 2013 ) - Psychotic Behavior Symptoms

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It’s no secret that I spend a lot of my time crawling through the dodgy online films sites every night looking for new films to review. Sometimes with a little luck I come across indie films like The Poisoning – a horror/thriller based on psychotic behavior symptoms.

This is the type of film that makes my job worthwhile – it’s miles away from the Hollywood blockbusters but it’s even more enjoyable!

Lets take a closer look at it…

The Plot

Matt ( Matt Mercer ) and Riley ( Kalan Ray ) are on a trip to L.A. to start up a new job. Matt decides it’ll be a good idea to stop off at one of his old school mate’s place on the way to split the journey up.

This school mate is fondly known as Chaps and I have to be honest here – he is a total twat!

He is played by Brandon Walz and right from the start there is friction between himself and Riley.

After a brief nights stop off the two friends get the car ready to proceed with their journey only to find out that Chaps has invited himself along on the road trip.

This does not go down to well with Riley and the atmosphere between the three gradually gets colder and colder.

Chaps is an immature creature that is ruining the road trip for all involved. He pushes buttons until eventually Matt and Riley blow up on him – putting him in his place and making him feel very guilty.

This seems to do the trick as Chaps attempts to make amends with his road partners. They are not that interested at first but when they run out of petrol Chaps is their only option.

He jumps at the chance to make amends and drives off to the local petrol station to pick up some fuel for his stranded mates. Whilst at the petrol station he meets a rather strange hitchhiker…

Psychotic Behavior Symptoms

That’s as far as I can go without hitting more than a few spoiler alerts I’m afraid but be prepared – this film goes off big time!

The psychotic behavior symptoms are sort of saved for the last third of the film but they are worth waiting for – believe me!

The film really does thrive on realism and is a hidden gem in the low budget horror world. The site I found it on helpfully includes IMDb ratings next to every film to help you choose what to watch.

When I came across this movie it was on a IMDb rating of about 6.0 which is pretty good considering the tight asshole reviewers you find on that site!

A lot of viewers may be put off by the fact that the majority of this film is taken up by the relationships between the three men. On the other side of the coin a lot of viewers will probably like this long drawn out and unique process.


This was a damn fine cult indie film that really took my breath away throughout the closing scenes. I would only recommend this to dedicated fans of the genre as it is not your usual American horror film.

The writers/directors/producers new exactly what they were aiming for with this film and they reached it with style.

I thought all three of the main protagonists in this film were played by very competent actors – they were a credit to the indie film scene.

If you are wanting to watch this film then I advise you to watch it alone with a six pack of beer – it’s not a ‘date film’ so don’t ruin the experience by sitting down with your girlfriend to watch it.

A highly recommended indie horror – watch it and see!

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