The Woman ( 2011 ) – Woman of The Wild

The Woman ( 2011 ) - Woman of The Wild

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Sometimes I’m a guilty of watching the opening five minutes of the film, shaking my head perfuselly, then turning it off!

This was the case about three years ago when I came across a little known film about a woman of the wild being held in captivity. You see because of my lack of patience I miss a lot of classic horror events the first time around and end up playing catch up!

This was the case with The Woman…..boy did I get it WRONG!

The Woman of The Wild

It’s not really my fault ( honest! ). On second time of watching I also thought the first five minutes of the film were pretty crap – this was for a reason…..

OK so the film was a sequel to another film called Offspring which I am going to have to find and review! Anyway this film apparently picks up where the first one left off ( makes sense really! ).

This film was apparently shot in a mere 24 days somewhere in Massachusetts and directed by Lucky McKee. I have heard this Lucky Mckee character referred to as a a radical feminist horror filmmaker. After sitting through this film, I began to see why…

What Just Happened?

When I came to the end of the film it was one of those “What just happened?” moments. Don’t take this as a bad thing – it rocked!

I had sat through 100 minutes of grueling, twisted, sadomasochist brilliance – I was left speechless!

This is the license indie horror movies have – they don’t need to please Hollywood ( hell they don’t need to please ANYONE! ).

The Plot

So the first few scenes have us watching a woman of the wild ( Pollyanna McIntosh ) stumbling about with a knife wound to her stomach. She finds a wolf’s den, enters and tears the animal up!

I assume after this she has a bit of a lie down…

In the next scene we are introduced to a rather edgy family – the Cleeks. The head of this family is a rather unlikable character named Chris Cleek ( Sean Bridgers ). He is some sort of lawyer/solicitor in the local town this story is based.

Now Chris’s family seem to be terrified of him and with good reason – the guy’s a nut job!

The next morning he ventures out into the forest to go for a little hunting session and stumbles upon the woman of the wild taking a quick dip. He fancies a new pet so he abducts her and locks her in his underground outdoor cellar.

He doesn’t seem to realize how wrong this is and his family are basically pissing themselves scared whenever he enters the room. He says he’s going to try and domesticate her – make her civilized. But let’s just say he gets a little off track…..

Absolutely Mental

Yep the film is absolutely mental but in a really good way. In some parts I felt sad, in other parts I was disgusted, in other parts I was just plain amazed.

The story builds up and up and the characters become more and more twisted – it just doesn’t stop!

The actors deserve the credit for this film being as good as it is – it could easily have turned into a shocker nobody wanted to see.

Instead it was a memorable and violent story that will stay with me for some time.


As I mentioned above all the actors in this film deserve a pat on the back but for me two stood out. Pollyanna McIntosh and Sean Bridgers had the two main roles in this film and that was for a reason – they both rocked it!

Pollyanna McIntosh gave a savage and extreme performance whilst Sean Bridgers was creepy and disturbing as the head of the Cleek family.

I should also mention Angela Bettis who did a stand up job of playing Chris Cleek’s abused wife.

The cinematography is outstanding and the overall look of the film is equally as impressive. It has a violent and disturbing streak to it that is completely original.

I am guilty of once again judging a book by it’s cover with this film – don’t make my mistake…..

Watch it!

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