Wolf Creek ( 2005 ) – Australian Outback Inhabitants

Wolf Creek ( 2005 ) - Australian Outback Inhabitants

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About six years ago I came across a film about some rather nasty Australian outback inhabitants and it always stuck in my mind. The other night I made a concerted effort to find this film and put it through the review process…

Enter Wolf Creek

The subject of creepy Australian outback inhabitants was a refreshing change from the mountain of shite that seems to pour out of Hollywood at times.

This stood out from the crowd as a dark and disturbing film based on actual events and it did wonders for Australia’s reputation in the film industry

The Plot

Ben Mitchell ( Nathan Phillips ) and British backpackers Liz ( Cassandra McGrath ) and Kristy Earl ( Kestie Morassi ) face a breakdown situation in Wolf Creek.

As they come to terms with being stuck out in the Outback they notice another vehicle pull up to offer help. Out pops Mick Taylor ( John Jarratt ) and the helpful dude offers to fix their car up.

What a stroke of good luck – this guy Mick is a top bloke! He tows them back to his campsite and sits them down to some nice outback food and a few much needed beers.

It turns out that our friend Mick is one of the Australian outback inhabitants you should really stay well clear of.

Our group awake suddenly to fin themselves tied up in different areas of Mick’s camp. It turns out our Mick is a big fan of torture and these three hapless characters are his next subjects…


There are no corny or cheesy Hollywood lines in this film – it is totally original and totally effective!

When you first meet the character of Mick you have no real idea of his mental state or the fact that he’s a big time killer. This is the cool point of the film – it takes you by surprise much as it takes the three main characters by surprise.

He’s a guy that likes to hunt tourists and we get the impression that he has done this many times before. He is capable of some real nasty stuff ( believe me! )

The Film

That’s enough of the plot I think – I’ve already given a lot away and I don’t want to spoil the film experience for you.

The characters seemed to be perfectly cast and Mick Taylor ( John Jarratt ) steals the show. It’s a change to see a killer portrayed as a normal guy instead of some scream queen teen hacker with superhuman strength.

The effects in the film were pretty much all practical effects but they worked out really well. I’m not saying it’s the goriest film in the world but when the blood was called upon it didn’t let you down!

The violence worked really well within the film and at certain points I found myself having to turn away from the screen momentarily.

But as with most good films it’s the story that keeps it going. It’s based on actual events so it has that dread factor – this actually happened and could happen again!!!


In Wolf Creek we are introduced to one of the most memorable horror villains on the circuit! I cannot imagine anybody other than John Jarratt playing this part – he was excellent.

The screenplay is top dog and the cinematography is brilliant – some of the shots of the Australian outback were absolutely breathtaking!

I would recommend this film to any horror addict as I have never come across anyone that did not enjoy the film!

Watch out for those Australian outback inhabitants – some of them are not what they seem…

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