Yellow Brick Road ( 2010 ) – Wizard of Oz Horror

Yellow Brick Road ( 2010 ) - Wizard of Oz Horror

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​Stumbling upon crazy and weird ideas for indie horror films is one of the perks of being a reviewer. When I came across a Wizard of Oz horror about three years ago I was fascinated but also a little weary about the subject matter of the film…

That Good Old Yellow Road!

OK so it’s not exactly a Wizard of Oz horror – that would be stupid and I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed that already.

It is based on the concept of the same Yellow Brick Road from the film though – only this time there is no friendly wizard waiting at the end of the journey.

The start of the film feeds us with the following slice of information:

“1940: the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked up a winding mountain trail, leaving everything behind. 2008: the first official expedition into the wilderness attempts to solve the mystery of the lost citizens of Friar.”

After seeing this I got pretty excited as I thought it was an intro to a Found Footage film ( which I love! ) but it soon became clear it was not…

The Plot

The film is based on a research team that are attempting to retrace the path the locals took back in 1940 ( aptly named the Yellow Brick Road ).

This team is headed by husband and wife team of Melissa ( Anessa Ramsey ) and Teddy Barnes ( Michael Laurino ). Teddy has only recently managed to get hold of coordinates to locate this infamous trail.

The full team comprises of Melissa and Teddy along with a handful of scientists led by one of their close friends Walter ( Alex Draper ).

Walter is a psychologist and he is there to monitor the mental state of the group as they travel along this mysterious path.

That Bloody Music!

Things start off pretty well for the group of researchers and they make good time along the trail over the first couple of days.

They are constantly monitored and tested by Walter and everybody seems to be in good health.

All of a sudden they begin to hear music being played through the open countryside. It’s nothing modern – its old scratchy sounds of a phonograph player and it’s rather creepy ( if I’m honest with you! ).

The further the group go along this route the louder and more intrusive the music becomes.

After a short while Walter records various changes in the personalities of the group ever since the music entered the equation – is this creepy music actually starting to send them all insane???


The film is very, very surreal but at the same time captivating. As I mentioned in the first paragraph I actually watched this for the first time about three years ago. I only watched it again last night for the purposes of this review!

It really is unique, creepy and disturbing. Whilst being relatively slow there is still enough violence and scares to keep the ‘horror hardcore’ satisfied ( one scene in particular is VERY disturbing! ).

The use of the old fashioned music in the film is absolutely brilliant – they didn’t exactly have the best budget in the world but this creepy musical idea really worked well!


This is one of those rare and rough horror diamonds out there that I would advise any horror fan to try out.

The actors are good quality and the cinematography is also of a decent quality.

If you have a decent plot or story then your lack of budget is normally ignored in the horror genre – this was the case here! I cannot remember one point in the film that seemed cheap or ‘B-Movie’.

I wish I could cover more of the story here in this review but it would be a complete tragedy to ruin the whole film for you.

All I can say is that it really does stand out among the majority of indie horrors on offer these days.

A decent Wizard of Oz horror…..who would of thought?

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